Double Barrel Heel Attachment
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Double Barrel heel attachment, bolts, and hardware, fits all Telebulldog and SPIKE bindings.  The double barrel was developed to accommodate large boot sizes and aggressive skiers.  The dual spring load can make even the stiffest spring lovers cringe.  Double the parts, half the stress on each individual part.  Not for the faint of heart, these can take a beating...

Lighter springs can be installed and a heel riser post (9 cm of lift) is available for touring.  For some skiers, the extra weight will be worth it even in the backcountry.

Add 10 oz or 280 gms of weight to a pair of bindings if you swap double barrels for single barrels.


BTW: the single barrel heel attachment is a great choice for most skiers.

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Double Barrel Heel Attachment

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