SPIKE 3 pin
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This binding follows in the tradition of our classic 3 pin step-in Telebulldog binding.  

The SPIKE 3pin features a 6 hole mounting pattern, steel reinforced ski brake plate, and a newly contoured toe box for 2015/16 season. It is based on the original patented cantilever clamping action that holds a tight grip on the boot when you step into the binding. You conveniently slip your ski boot into the binding and step down to lock in.  You then release out of the binding by pushing down on the toggle that is located in the front of the binding.   

Included in this assembly is the 3-pin toe piece, heel riser, mounting screws, and instructions.   The SPIKE 3pin weighs 820 grams or 1 lbs 13 oz/pair (without the ski brake), perfect match for lighter, textured base touring skis.

SPIKE 3pin can also be ordered with a ski brake that automatically deploys when stepping out of the binding. This feature helps prevent a runaway ski, and holds the ski in place when stepping into the bindings.

Simple, strong, and fun to ski with many years of enjoyable service to a variety of skiers.


Available with optional ski brake. Please indicate the width of your skis if you order bindings with ski brakes.


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SPIKE 3 pin

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