Single Barrel Heel Attachment
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One pair of single barre heel attachments, bolts on to the rear of any Telebulldog or SPIKE toe box, bolts included. 

It took years of development to settle on this simple but effective step-in heel which beautifully compliments our patented step-in toe.  The heel of the boot strikes a 45 degree sloped surface on the face of the heel throw, and slides into place without moving parts.  The aluminum casing houses a compression spring that allows the heel throw to spring back as the boot slides into place.  The underfoot retention spring is long, adjustable, and provides plenty of resistance for the most demanding skiers.  The plastic heel throw (also called 'heel strike') adjusts for length along the aluminum casing by loosening the bottom bracket screw.  The heel attachment has the correct amount of heel height so that you do not need to drill an additional riser into the rear of the ski.  There is also a nifty place to attach climbing heel wires in the rear of the heel throw.


You will also need touring clips if you plan to free pivot tour...

...and if you use a ski brake you will need ski brake retainer.

Click for additional information on installing touring parts.

Click for more information on touring with or without ski brake.

The weight is 13.8 oz or 395 gms /pair


NOTE:  please be careful not to overtighten the bottom bracket screw when making ajustments to the length of the heel throw.

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Single Barrel Heel Attachment

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