SPIKE NT bulldog
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SPIKE NT bulldog is our NTN compatible binding.  It has the all same features as the SPIKE XT binding except the toe box is countoured to fit NTN boot.   This assembly includes 'boot activated' ski brake, mounting screws, template and instructions.

This binding is highly adjustable to fit a wide range of boot sizes and can be assembled using different pivot points, spring loads.  The heel attaches to the rear of the boot for more traditional telemark feel.

If you would like a SPIKE NT tour option, please go the the SPIKE Tour binding and order with the 'NT toe box'.


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NTN compatible (1504 grams or 3 lbs 5.2oz*)

The SPIKE ski brake can be ajusted further to acommodate skis up to 112mm.

Available with single barrel heel attachment only, up to boot size mondo 30.

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Spike NT

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